PROTECT Disclaimer:

I understand that completion of this IUGA sponsored educational activity in no way implies that IUGA has endorsed, certified, qualified or licensed me, or other health care professionals I will teach or supervise. The IUGA logo and the PROTECT name may not be used in the promotion of educational activities organized outside the framework of IUGA's annual meetings, regional symposia, exchange programs, online courses and other IUGA sponsored educational activities. I may, after completing all PROTECT modules, signify myself as a 'PROTECT trained trainer'. All courses I organize, supervise or teach using this signifier should be offered without profit, and be reported to the IUGA office. I agree to audit change in practice by ensuring delegates complete a PROTECT pre-course questionnaire which will be repeated after 3 months.


Dr. Ranee Thakar
Dr. Abdul Sultan

Steering Group:
Jan Willem De Leeuw (Netherlands)
Natarajan Rajmaheshwari (India)

Module contributors:
Catherine Matthews
Jan Willem De Leeuw
Zeelha Abdool
Abdul Sultan
Ranee Thakar